Get Ready AAWRFC!

Get excited!!!

As we are hurtling towards the official kickoff of our season I wanted to take care of a few housekeeping items:

1) All active players must CIPP with USA Rugby by our first league game (Sept. 10th).  Please go to the site:

Click on “Membership” on the left hand side-rail.
Register for the 2011-2012 Season
Ann Arbor Women’s Rugby Football Club must be chosen as your club

If you have questions about this call or email me: 734.223.5994

Please note: there is a part where you must print and sign a waiver–don’t worry about this. I’ll print the waivers and bring them to our next gathering for you to sign.

2) Gear: in preparation for the season, you will need the following items:

Cleats: must not have a toe cleat–soccer cleats are good but if you are a forward (if you don’t know what this means just go with soccer cleats 🙂

I highly recommend rugby cleats with metal posts.
Here are some sites where you can order a pair:

If you go with Soccer cleats, they have them everywhere and I found the best prices at Meijer or the outlet mall up in howell (Addidas Outlet).

Shorts: Rugby Shorts (for those who don’t know) are very sturdy cotton or synthetic fiber with a drawstring.  The same sites listed above offer shorts as well.  Please get a pair of Navy.
I have several pair in women’s M or S that I’d be willing to sell for a few bucks 🙂

Socks: Rugby socks can also be found at the sites listed above.  We wear solid navy or navy/white stripes.  But if you have another color or pair that’s fine too.
Again I have several pair for cheap if you don’t mind a gently used pair 🙂

Hit me up with any questions!!

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